Child Ego

Child-ego is a psychological state of mind that exists in individuals that exhibit tendencies to replay thoughts, feelings and behaviors they used

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Personal Time

In terms of time-structuring in Transactional Analysis, personal time plays a very important role. Activities (Work) are very demanding and also take

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First Impression

A beginning effect is a critically defining moment. The moment one person first moves into the presence of another, an opinion is formed.

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One-Up-Man-Ship I

In terms of the concepts propounded by Eric Berne, transactions are the exchange of communication between two different persons.

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Productivity vs. Stagnation

When living our lives, there is often an internal conflict that we fail to recognize: productivity vs stagnation. Productivity is when we are moving

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I'm OK - you're OK, Overview of positive Philosophy

“I'm OK - you're OK” is the short description of positive philosophy. Positive philosophy occurs when both parties in a transaction view the other

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Drama Triangle II

The Victim is a person who seeks the help of other people expressly for his own needs, typically in a one-down position, as opposed to the above two

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