Integrated Adult - Ego I

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The objective of Transactional Analysis is to encourage people to operate from the integrated Adult-Ego state as much as possible. In this state

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Persönliche Veränderungsprozesse

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Berufliche Änderungsprozesse (change processes) beanspruchen persönliche Änderung der betroffenen Menschen im Betrieb.

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Personal Time

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In terms of time-structuring in Transactional Analysis, personal time plays a very important role. Activities (Work) are very demanding and also take

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Creating Faith and Authority

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Realizing Faith and Authority
Given Obama's extraordinary success, leaders have a great deal to acquire from the way he uses

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Caring Parent - Ego and Management Style II

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Forbidding a child's adventurism into independence requires less effort from the parent, but is often not obeyed and can result in worse

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Trust Vs Distrust, Consistency Vs Inconsistency and Certainty Vs Uncertainty

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A brief study on Trust and Distrust based on Management/organizational theory.

Trust is well-defined as a person's readiness to

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Burnout- Bedingungen und Gegebenheiten

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Im ersten Bereich (sh. vorh. Aufsatz) haben sie bereits die Bedingungen und Gegebenheiten festgestellt, die zum Burnout geführt haben. Sie haben Transparenz darüber. Es wäre der nächste Abschnitt, die bisherigen Berufungen zu überdenken und gegebenenfalls übrige Lebensplanung zu forcieren.

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