Productivity vs. Stagnation II


Examples of Stagnation Mistaken for Productivity

•    Doing many minor and low priority tasks instead of taking on large problems, such as

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Body Language



In the transfer of his 2004 keynote spoken communication, Barack Obama attested prominent use of body language. His self-assured gait, squared

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Maxime - Erwachsene


Die Folgen des Alters für sich auf die verschiedenartigen psychologischen Funktionen sind ungleichartig: Die Sinneskognition wird unterlegener, Rückmeldungszeiten wie noch Psychomotorik werden langsamer, Merkfähigkeit und die Erinnerungen aus jüngerer

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Productivity vs. Stagnation


When living our lives, there is often an internal conflict that we fail to recognize: productivity vs stagnation. Productivity is when we are moving

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Losers are individuals that have failed to achieve certain goals that they had set at an early period in time. This can be attributed to ineffectively setting

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I'm OK - you're not OK, aggressive Philosophy II


If you meet people with aggressive philosophy, you would know that a win-win situation is not possible with them, because they will only care about their

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Finding Faults I


When someone is constantly finding fault with the actions of others, they are acting from a Parent- Child basis in the belief that I’m OK, You’re not OK.

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