Body Language

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In the transfer of his 2004 keynote spoken communication, Barack Obama attested prominent use of body language. His self-assured gait, squared

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Productivity vs. Stagnation II

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Examples of Stagnation Mistaken for Productivity

•    Doing many minor and low priority tasks instead of taking on large problems, such as

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Formation of the Parent Ego - State II

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The military has a tradition of mindless discipline for new recruits, and as a result struggles to find future leaders capable of original and innovative

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I'm OK - you're not OK, aggressive Philosophy III

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2) Desperation

It is a person's state of mind when he feels helpless and he thinks that he is left with no other options, but to make rash decisions and accept even those option which they won't prefer otherwise. It often leads a person to become an aggressor.

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First Impression

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A beginning effect is a critically defining moment. The moment one person first moves into the presence of another, an opinion is formed.

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Personal Time

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In terms of time-structuring in Transactional Analysis, personal time plays a very important role. Activities (Work) are very demanding and also take

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Self Coaching for better Transaction Analysis

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Transaction Analysis is an approach that was developed by Eric Berne. As with all 'talk therapies', its roots are in the field of mental health. However, today, this approach is being used across fields, from schools to workplaces.

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