Child Ego

Child-ego is a psychological state of mind that exists in individuals that exhibit tendencies to replay thoughts, feelings and behaviors they used

to display at a time when they were small. Indeed, Child Ego is a collection of behaviors that we show that were acquired from an early childhood life that are used to tackle current life situations and problems.

At the ages of 5-6 year is when individuals are actively involved in all activities that relate to learning how to solve problems, play, be imaginative, have fun and be friendly.

The source of games and fun can be dependent on the kind of environment that a person, mostly children, come from. Indeed, the way they perceive games and fun may majorly relay on the surrounding the children come from. The geographical characteristics places have direct implications of the way having a good time. For example, people from very cold geographical may have fun from snow throwing. The source of fun and game is also dependent on the parental restrictions that exist in homes. Some parents will, for example, allow their children to access computer games while others would not. The source of games is also ultimately dictated by technology as many will access it while others are limited by it.

Fear is a state of being terrified of an outcome that we perceive would be endanger us or others that we care about. Fear is created when the perceived psychological or physical torment that the scenario will cause, seems unbearable. Fear is relative and will range from person to person depending on their threshold. Its also brought about by law that is either established socially or legally that makes one unwilling to go against them.

Defiance is the act of going contrary to established laws. Indeed, it’s being uncooperative to the rules that govern the land and the social morals that are key to any society. This is characterized by deviant behaviors that go beyond the set social and legal boundaries.

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