I'm OK - you're not OK, aggressive Philosophy III

2) Desperation

It is a person's state of mind when he feels helpless and he thinks that he is left with no other options, but to make rash decisions and accept even those option which they won't prefer otherwise. It often leads a person to become an aggressor.

Your client may be doing business with you now, but if you haven't worked towards long-term relationship with clients, then they may not be backing you tomorrow when they will find a cheaper alternative.

3) Envy

It is an emotion that a person portrays when he feels that he lacks a certain superior thing that other people in society has. It is prevalent in most cultures because of a fundamental reason that people fail to accept that everyone is not the same, and there is bound to be some dissimilarities.

4) Greed

Greed is an obsessive wish to get your hands to some material possessions and giving more value to some material gains more than anything else.

5) Collectivism

It is a myth which people believe in and force others to believe in. It is like saying that 'our community feels that there should be economic equality', but this thought is only forced on the people of that community.

Three critical risks involved in aggressive philosophy for business organizations

1) Bad Impression on clients

Last thing you want your customer to think that organization which he is dealing with is going to arm twist him and get more out of him than the value they are adding. Your customers might just start looking for alternatives.

2) Lack of trust

As explained before, it is critical for an organization to keep up trust and long-term relationships with their clients. If you are being too aggressive with your clients, they won't be interested in doing business with you for long time. While marketing your ideas and products, you should just tell people about it, and not forcing things down their throats.

3) Lack of compassion

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