Problematiken im Erwachsenenlebensalter

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Die Betrachtung des Erwachsenenalters als ein Lebensalter, in dem sich das Individuum mit gewissen Daseinsthemen auseinanderzusetzen

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Losers are individuals that have failed to achieve certain goals that they had set at an early period in time. This can be attributed to ineffectively setting

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Victim in Transaction Analysis Games

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Transactional Analysis or TA has three ego states that are the basis of how we relate to each other. The Parent ego state is copied from how we saw

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The Influence of Parent-Ego-State

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Every child who has had the privilege of being brought by a parent or a guardian holds them in reverence.

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Drama Triangle II

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The Victim is a person who seeks the help of other people expressly for his own needs, typically in a one-down position, as opposed to the above two

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Child Ego

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Child-ego is a psychological state of mind that exists in individuals that exhibit tendencies to replay thoughts, feelings and behaviors they used

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Origin of Retreat

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Retreat or withdrawal is one of the 6 states in time structuring in Transactional Analysis. This does not refer to periods of sleep, but is a waking state.

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