I'm OK - you're OK, Overview of positive Philosophy


“I'm OK - you're OK” is the short description of positive philosophy. Positive philosophy occurs when both parties in a transaction view the other

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Finding Faults II


The basic premise of the book, “Loving What Is”, is that the idea that something shouldn’t be happening is invalid.

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Body Language



In the transfer of his 2004 keynote spoken communication, Barack Obama attested prominent use of body language. His self-assured gait, squared

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Self-Coaching : Creating the Self You Want


Transactional Analysis seeks to establish a identified level of communication in all aspects of life which produce desired effects and outcomes

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Intuition-Erfahrungen und Entscheidungen


Überlege es dir nochmal, oder Schlaf doch lieber nochmal eine Nacht darüber.

Wer kennt solche wohlgemeinten Tipps denn nicht?

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One-Up-Man-Ship I


In terms of the concepts propounded by Eric Berne, transactions are the exchange of communication between two different persons.

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Child Ego


Child-ego is a psychological state of mind that exists in individuals that exhibit tendencies to replay thoughts, feelings and behaviors they used

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