Drama Triangle II

The Victim is a person who seeks the help of other people expressly for his own needs, typically in a one-down position, as opposed to the above two

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Integrated Adult - Ego I

The objective of Transactional Analysis is to encourage people to operate from the integrated Adult-Ego state as much as possible. In this state

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Formation of the Parent Ego - State II

The military has a tradition of mindless discipline for new recruits, and as a result struggles to find future leaders capable of original and innovative

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First Impression

A beginning effect is a critically defining moment. The moment one person first moves into the presence of another, an opinion is formed.

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Personal Time

In terms of time-structuring in Transactional Analysis, personal time plays a very important role. Activities (Work) are very demanding and also take

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Formation of the Parent Ego State I

The Parent Ego State is actually a recording of all external influences made before a child is 5 or 6 years old. This is usually mostly the mother and

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Gesamtschau- Burnout vermeiden

Dieser Passus bearbeitet Initiativen, die Sie veranschlagen können, um Burnout zu umgehen. Diese kurze Gesamtschau bearbeitet vor allem

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