Problematiken im Erwachsenenlebensalter

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Die Betrachtung des Erwachsenenalters als ein Lebensalter, in dem sich das Individuum mit gewissen Daseinsthemen auseinanderzusetzen

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Finding Faults II

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The basic premise of the book, “Loving What Is”, is that the idea that something shouldn’t be happening is invalid.

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One-Up-Man-Ship II

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This life position, I'm OK You're not OK, is the perfect pitfall that allows one to excuse his own mistakes or shortcomings while being critical of

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Integrated Adult - Ego II

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Performance reviews are often sused as a threat aor perceived as such by the victims. They should be done with an attitude of helpfulness and should

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Persönliche Veränderungsprozesse

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Berufliche Änderungsprozesse (change processes) beanspruchen persönliche Änderung der betroffenen Menschen im Betrieb.

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Personality Executive, Jailer or Change Agent I

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The personality executive is that ego state which plays the dominant role in somebody’s psyche. The preferred Executive for an adult is the

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I'm OK - you're not OK, aggressive Philosophy III

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2) Desperation

It is a person's state of mind when he feels helpless and he thinks that he is left with no other options, but to make rash decisions and accept even those option which they won't prefer otherwise. It often leads a person to become an aggressor.

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