Burnout- Bedingungen und Gegebenheiten


Im ersten Bereich (sh. vorh. Aufsatz) haben sie bereits die Bedingungen und Gegebenheiten festgestellt, die zum Burnout geführt haben. Sie haben Transparenz darüber. Es wäre der nächste Abschnitt, die bisherigen Berufungen zu überdenken und gegebenenfalls übrige Lebensplanung zu forcieren.

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Intuition-Erfahrungen und Entscheidungen


Überlege es dir nochmal, oder Schlaf doch lieber nochmal eine Nacht darüber.

Wer kennt solche wohlgemeinten Tipps denn nicht?

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Self-Coaching : Creating the Self You Want


Transactional Analysis seeks to establish a identified level of communication in all aspects of life which produce desired effects and outcomes

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Winners are people that have psychologically adjusted their minds to achieving a certain goal and objective. They successfully attain the set targets through strategies that they believe will ultimately deliver the required results as far as a particular task is concerned. In any organization there is needed people that are winner-oriented so that tasks are achieved effectively and timely.

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Child Ego


Child-ego is a psychological state of mind that exists in individuals that exhibit tendencies to replay thoughts, feelings and behaviors they used

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Losers are individuals that have failed to achieve certain goals that they had set at an early period in time. This can be attributed to ineffectively setting

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I'm OK - you're not OK, aggressive Philosophy


...and description

What is aggression

An aggression is a behaviour that is intended to cause humiliation, pain and harm between same species or across species. It is a behaviour by a member (one or more) of a group to with the intention of increasing their dominant position with respect to other members of the group.

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