Integrated Adult - Ego I


The objective of Transactional Analysis is to encourage people to operate from the integrated Adult-Ego state as much as possible. In this state

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Transitionsphasen der Erwachsenen


Die Fragestellung nach den besonderen Spezifika des Erwachsenenalters im Vergleich bspw. zum Jugendalter und zum Alter nicht leicht zu beantworten ist.

Verschiedenartige Herangehensweisen stellen stellenweise verschiedenartige Ergebnisse und bisweilen überhaupt Widersprüche. Festzustellen ist: Es gibt keine lebensabschnittsmäßige Bestimmung des so genannten Erwachsenenlebensalters, im Regelfall ist die Zeitdauer von 20 oder 22 bis 60 oder 65 Jahren adressiert.

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One-Up-Man-Ship II


This life position, I'm OK You're not OK, is the perfect pitfall that allows one to excuse his own mistakes or shortcomings while being critical of

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Drama Triangle


The Drama Triangle has been evolved byDr Stephen Karpman as originally described in his famous 1968 article, ‘Fairy Tales and Script Drama

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Formation of the Parent Ego State I


The Parent Ego State is actually a recording of all external influences made before a child is 5 or 6 years old. This is usually mostly the mother and

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Self Coaching for better Transaction Analysis


Transaction Analysis is an approach that was developed by Eric Berne. As with all 'talk therapies', its roots are in the field of mental health. However, today, this approach is being used across fields, from schools to workplaces.

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Personality Executive, Jailer or Change Agent I


The personality executive is that ego state which plays the dominant role in somebody’s psyche. The preferred Executive for an adult is the

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