Formation of the Parent Ego - State II

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The military has a tradition of mindless discipline for new recruits, and as a result struggles to find future leaders capable of original and innovative

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Creating Faith and Authority

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Realizing Faith and Authority
Given Obama's extraordinary success, leaders have a great deal to acquire from the way he uses

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Gesamtschau- Burnout vermeiden

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Dieser Passus bearbeitet Initiativen, die Sie veranschlagen können, um Burnout zu umgehen. Diese kurze Gesamtschau bearbeitet vor allem

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First Impression

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A beginning effect is a critically defining moment. The moment one person first moves into the presence of another, an opinion is formed.

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Basic Dispositions in Transaction Analysis II

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If we take on an aggressive stand and try to dominate others, then we are taking the position of ' I am OK and You are not OK'. This position often puts you in to a false sense of being OK, even when

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Burnout- Bedingungen und Gegebenheiten

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Im ersten Bereich (sh. vorh. Aufsatz) haben sie bereits die Bedingungen und Gegebenheiten festgestellt, die zum Burnout geführt haben. Sie haben Transparenz darüber. Es wäre der nächste Abschnitt, die bisherigen Berufungen zu überdenken und gegebenenfalls übrige Lebensplanung zu forcieren.

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I'm OK - you're OK, Overview of positive Philosophy

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“I'm OK - you're OK” is the short description of positive philosophy. Positive philosophy occurs when both parties in a transaction view the other

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