One-Up-Man-Ship I

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In terms of the concepts propounded by Eric Berne, transactions are the exchange of communication between two different persons.

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Self-Coaching : Creating the Self You Want

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Transactional Analysis seeks to establish a identified level of communication in all aspects of life which produce desired effects and outcomes

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Transitionsphasen der Erwachsenen

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Die Fragestellung nach den besonderen Spezifika des Erwachsenenalters im Vergleich bspw. zum Jugendalter und zum Alter nicht leicht zu beantworten ist.

Verschiedenartige Herangehensweisen stellen stellenweise verschiedenartige Ergebnisse und bisweilen überhaupt Widersprüche. Festzustellen ist: Es gibt keine lebensabschnittsmäßige Bestimmung des so genannten Erwachsenenlebensalters, im Regelfall ist die Zeitdauer von 20 oder 22 bis 60 oder 65 Jahren adressiert.

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Productivity vs. Stagnation II

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Examples of Stagnation Mistaken for Productivity

•    Doing many minor and low priority tasks instead of taking on large problems, such as

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One-Up-Man-Ship II

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This life position, I'm OK You're not OK, is the perfect pitfall that allows one to excuse his own mistakes or shortcomings while being critical of

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Productivity vs. Stagnation

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When living our lives, there is often an internal conflict that we fail to recognize: productivity vs stagnation. Productivity is when we are moving

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Creating Faith and Authority

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Realizing Faith and Authority
Given Obama's extraordinary success, leaders have a great deal to acquire from the way he uses

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