Caring Parent - Ego and Management Style I

The Parent-Ego shows most in your management style. When you are in a position of authority you tend to fall back on default behaviour based on that

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Drama Triangle II

The Victim is a person who seeks the help of other people expressly for his own needs, typically in a one-down position, as opposed to the above two

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Origin of Retreat

Retreat or withdrawal is one of the 6 states in time structuring in Transactional Analysis. This does not refer to periods of sleep, but is a waking state.

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Self Coaching for better Transaction Analysis

Transaction Analysis is an approach that was developed by Eric Berne. As with all 'talk therapies', its roots are in the field of mental health. However, today, this approach is being used across fields, from schools to workplaces.

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Creating Faith and Authority

Realizing Faith and Authority
Given Obama's extraordinary success, leaders have a great deal to acquire from the way he uses

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Integrated Adult - Ego I

The objective of Transactional Analysis is to encourage people to operate from the integrated Adult-Ego state as much as possible. In this state

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The Influence of Parent-Ego-State

Every child who has had the privilege of being brought by a parent or a guardian holds them in reverence.

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