Origin of Retreat

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Retreat or withdrawal is one of the 6 states in time structuring in Transactional Analysis. This does not refer to periods of sleep, but is a waking state.

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Caring Parent - Ego and Management Style III

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If the project does fail, be sure to praise the subordinate for minimizing any consequences. A good manager needs to have a mature attitude

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Constant Child - Ego II

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At the least harmful end, this can result in staying out late or refusing to get a job for a college graduate who has yet to launch their own life.

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Formation of the Parent Ego - State II

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The military has a tradition of mindless discipline for new recruits, and as a result struggles to find future leaders capable of original and innovative

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Constant Child - Ego I

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A child by definition is a constant child-ego until they begin to imitate parents internally. The natural child state can be fun, a bundle of energy and

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Integrated Adult - Ego I

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The objective of Transactional Analysis is to encourage people to operate from the integrated Adult-Ego state as much as possible. In this state

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Persönliche Veränderungsprozesse

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Berufliche Änderungsprozesse (change processes) beanspruchen persönliche Änderung der betroffenen Menschen im Betrieb.

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