First Impression

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A beginning effect is a critically defining moment. The moment one person first moves into the presence of another, an opinion is formed.

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Problematiken im Erwachsenenlebensalter

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Die Betrachtung des Erwachsenenalters als ein Lebensalter, in dem sich das Individuum mit gewissen Daseinsthemen auseinanderzusetzen

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Origin of Retreat

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Retreat or withdrawal is one of the 6 states in time structuring in Transactional Analysis. This does not refer to periods of sleep, but is a waking state.

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The Influence of Parent-Ego-State

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Every child who has had the privilege of being brought by a parent or a guardian holds them in reverence.

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One-Up-Man-Ship II

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This life position, I'm OK You're not OK, is the perfect pitfall that allows one to excuse his own mistakes or shortcomings while being critical of

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Creating Faith and Authority

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Realizing Faith and Authority
Given Obama's extraordinary success, leaders have a great deal to acquire from the way he uses

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Self Coaching for better Transaction Analysis

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Transaction Analysis is an approach that was developed by Eric Berne. As with all 'talk therapies', its roots are in the field of mental health. However, today, this approach is being used across fields, from schools to workplaces.

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