Self-Coaching : Creating the Self You Want

Transactional Analysis seeks to establish a identified level of communication in all aspects of life which produce desired effects and outcomes

that are amenable to everyone involved. Though this may include some negative encounters at the level of adult-child and adult-adult interactions, the overall goal is that everyone gets what they want. At times, this is accomplished by suggestive or subtle means, and then there is the implementation of the duplex transactions, those which incorporate a parallel approach to problem solving to achieve an end result to a complex problem or issue.

Those entities which are involved can be intensely or casually involved or seek to be enriched in the relationship that is comfortable for both. The goal is to achieve a desired result that makes everyone happy.

An example of this can be described a situation initiated by an invitation to attend an event such as the museum or art gallery, The initial and non-subtle understanding is that the persons involved in the transaction will spend a good time in a public place together that has been agreed upon. The next set of transactions may have other implications that were not initially expressed in the first transaction that may be mutually understood by the participants.  Those include dinner after the museum date, or even intimacy later on that evening. In any case, the mutual understanding is agreed upon because of the initial event or invitation being the segue for other behavior or events that take place later on. The level of effectiveness of duplex transactions are measured by the set of understandings that participants have and the willingness that each have to complete the transaction to obtain the desired result.

It can be true that anyone can get what they want when they want it. It is how they want it with whom they want it that matters.

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