First Impression

A beginning effect is a critically defining moment. The moment one person first moves into the presence of another, an opinion is formed.

Even before you express any words, you begin a give-and-take and have articulated volumes through image and body language.

The strong commencement impression that Barack Obama makes informs us that body action mechanisms and appearance speak a nomenclature to the audience as potent as anything said aloud.

Barack Obama is proficient at establishing excellent kickoff effects. The purposeful walk. The visual connection he makes with audiences early on, stretching out his arm to them in a confident wave, narrowing the physical space between himself and the assemblage. These mark the beginning of a two-way voice communication of sorts -- it arouses a sit-up-and-listen response from audience members.
Good eye connectedness has also been valuable to Obama.

Like Bill Clinton, he is realized as never being hesitant to establish firm eye contact; he thrives on connecting with members of his audience and is energized, not exhausted, by them. As Obama talks, he looks to one side of the room, sometimes with a slender nod of acknowledgement in that direction, and then to the other side. He varies his look throughout his speech communication; by doing so naturally and smoothly, he pulls hearers into his communicates and engages assemblage members more fully.

Audiences perceive this as reverent -- the behavior of a person welcoming them. They also iterate the actions as trustworthy -- the trait of a person inclined to look them in the eyes. Those good commencement effects last.

Prominent communicators take care and use visual aspects and body language in modes that hold a highly constructive effect.

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