No-goes in Sex

Sex is one of the most intimate things that a couple can share and as a result, most people expect extreme sensitivity from their partners regarding this issue.

This article will give a number of No-goes in sex that beginners as well as experienced people can apply.

For both men and women, you should never joke about your partner’s appearance or anatomy during sex. Psychologically, when you are naked during sex you are expressing full trust in your partner. If they start joking about you, you may feel violated. You should also avoid showing disinterest or boredom during sex. This can be very shattering because it belittles your partner’s intimate efforts, especially if they are struggling to please you.

For men, never demand a sexual action that your partner dislikes. If your woman does not want to go anal, do not insist on it. If she does not do blowjobs you do not have to feel frustrated, there are many other ways of having fun. Save her the stress, it will not kill you! In addition, never skip foreplay or fall asleep immediately after you have had your fill. Women are like iron boxes and men are like light bulbs.

The former needs to warm up and cool down gradually while the latter can come on or off at the hit of a switch. Keep that in mind.

For women, never moan another person’s name while being pleasured by your partner. It is very damaging to the relationship when your partner realizes that you cannot even associate them with the joy they are giving you.

You should also refrain from being fussy as you have sex. This is one of the fastest way to throw your lover into another woman’s arms. If he knows that the other woman’s demands are simple and clear, he will readily share a stress-free session with her than with Ms ‘rules and regulations’

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