G-Point - Truth or Fiction?

G-point an area that is worth exploring... 

Many lovers try hard to find out the Holy Grail of hot spots of the body of a woman,

the G point This G point which is also known as Grafenberg Spot is a bean shaped area of the upper part of vagina. When this area is stimulated, it creates strong sexual arousal, powerful orgasms and ejaculation.

Many people consider it as fiction. So, have you found it yet? It may be your own or maybe it’s your partner’s.   It is very common among lovers attempting to find out the G Point. You must remember, the G Point is an extremely sensitive area inside the vagina and it is located less than halfway up front wall from the vaginal opening.

If you are one of the believers who think this Point exists, then you should expect to find out an area in the vagina that contains a higher concentration of nerve endings. Because, we all know that the most sensitive parts of human bodies contain more nerve endings per square inch, than the less sensitive areas. For example, our fingertips have significantly more nerves per inch, compared with the soles of our feet. As a result, an effective simulation in the G point not only rocks a woman’s body, but also her entire world of senses.

However, some experts still disregard the G Point. They feel there is lack of sufficient evidence. On the other hand, many women may not find a G Point, because they might not have it. It is completely normal, as many women do not have sensitive nipples and never experience nipped induced orgasms. But the main thing is not to worry too much about hot points you do not have, but learning how to fire up the ones you do.

Despite lack of evidence, most women around the world accept the existence of the G Point. Many of them say, there is nothing like the G Point orgasm.  So, it is a place that worths exploring.

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