How to know if He's Mr. Right


There comes a point in a woman's life that she feels she wants to settle down, get married and start a family.

The woman can be in a relationship with a man she is not very sure is the right man to settle down with. There are various ways to know if he is Mr. Right.

One needs to ask herself several questions before coming to the conclusion that he is the right man.

First, how does the man make you feel?
One needs to feel safe with the man she chooses to spend the rest of her life with.He should appreciate the woman with all her flaws and weaknesses and boost her self esteem. You cannot live with a man who only sees your weaknesses and puts you down all the time. He should realize that no one is perfect, not even himself. Then work on your weaknesses together. Mr. Right needs to make you a better person. He should support your dreams and aspirations

What values does he uphold?
The values the man holds are very important to know before concluding he is  Mr.Right. When it comes  to basic issues like the number of children, finances, religion and fidelity, you should be on the same page. If he does not want children and you want to have ten of them, there is no way you will agree on this after you are married. It will always be an issue. There are some aspects you will differ on, but these are very important the lady gets to know where exactly the man stands .

Is the man trustworthy?
Mr. Right does not give a lady any reason to doubt him. He is a man who is trustworthy and keeps no secrets when it comes to the woman in his life. If he does something wrong, he apologizes and proves  that he can be trusted again.
These are some of the ways on how to know if he is Mr.Right.

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