Coping with His or Her Quirks

I love you, but I adore your quirks!!

Most people develop different fixed traits of behavior which we call quirks.

Quirks are what make us unique individuals and some people have quirks which can be endearing and adorable. People tend to have quirks such as twitching their facial muscles when thinking deeply, some are extremely conscious of their clothes and go to great lengths to look perfect and color coordinated at all times.

Some others have strange quirks of wanting to pet every animal they see, or are obsessed about organic food and eat nothing else, or are strictly vegetarian which can be quite a bother when travelling.

Some people have peculiar quirks which they are not really aware of like tugging their hair or ears, or rubbing their forehead or nose, or even adjusting their clothes which adds in a sweet way to their personality. If the person is a famous personality fans sure do adore the quirks their heroes, heroines, or role models have.

As the famous saying goes one falls blindly in love, and usually sees the world through rosy hued glasses. But that is the power of love. It can turn a most ordinary girl or boy feel like a beauty, after all love does lie in the beholders eye. Most people in love adore everything about their partner and their little quirks make the partner more endearing. It can be a particular way of coiffure or the way one eats to the way one sleeps. Almost everybody loves compliments but when your lover tells you that, your quirk is adorable it tends to give the person a very big high.

When a person says that ‘I love everything about this individual except his/her quirk’, then you can be sure that there is no true love happening here. This is because a person is defined by all their personality traits and it would be difficult to change their quirks, which are an unconscious part of who they are. Quirks are part and parcel of who a person is and most people love the quirky aspects of a person’s personality. The only time one has to take care is when a quirk turns into obsession, then into an obsessive compulsive disorder or takes a turn for the worse but in most cases it does not.

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