Emotional Infidelity

Not all of the infidelity is physical, but it is often affairs start as an emotional connection without sex until it goes to physical infidelity.

Emotional affairs start at work, being close to a co-worker more than a professional relationship. This is difficult to determine, but many women suspect an emotional affair and don't know how to handle with it.

In the past years, internet relationships are very popular. Emotional infidelity starts in chatting with someone and group discussions.

There is greater intimacy with other people and feel to share their deepest and most intimate secrets. Emotional infidelity starts with the exchanging personal information. When that information becomes more personal, it will lead to face to face discussions and, it could be possible to be physical intimacy, including "real relationships" or one night stands.

Some people thinks that the emotional infidelity is not harmful because it is like a casual relationship, but the nature of its communication is very intimate, individual involved in this type of cheating, for example, not to tell the truth about the amount of time they spend with their "friend", there is a betrayal of values of relationship based on love or the sanctity of a marriage.

How to End Emotional Infidelity?
In order to be successful with your relationship, you must take responsibility for your actions and keep in mind what to do next. The first step to understand the challenges you will face; ending an emotional infidelity is not simple. You have made an emotional connection with a person that you probably see each day, and they deserve for honest explanation, and a clear statement that you are committed to repair your marriage and that will threatens your marriage.

For the first time you realize how the other person truly feels, they have been a state of denial. It is painful and messy, and unless they are an outstandingly tolerant person, they easily get angry. You have to understand the level of contact from now on, no chats, coffees, lunches, sharing of personal information, intimate moments. You can have a professional relationship from now on, and the emotional affair is over.

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