How to notice Infidelity

Nowadays, many people ignore or choose to minimize the importance of fidelity in their relationships.

This can happen because of the trust they have in each other, their busy lives or the lack of time spent together.

But when one of the partners feels abandoned, there is certainly a sign of something.

There are not precise tehniques in determining how to notice infidelity, because people are different, they have different  characters and reactions at certain actions. However, a few uncommon things that suddenly appeared at the partner must be investigated:

He/ she suddenly spends more time working
He tells you that he has a lot of work to do, but he doesn' t discuss with you what he actually had to do.

He/ she says very often that is not in the mood to have sex
From a wild person with a great appetite for sex, he transformed into one who now refuses to do it, on the pretext of tiredness, but he doesn't seem like he would need it. This may confirm the fact that he receives it from other part.

He/ she doesn't offer you the attention she/ he used to
Being receptive at your needs was one of his best qualities, but now he seems to forget everything you talk with him or everything you are asking him for.

He/ she is really euphoric with no reason
Do you remember the beginning of your relationship, when you were in the seventh sky, always smiling, feeling like floating? This can be happening with your partner right new, but with another person.

The time spent together decreased, and not because of you
If he always find excuses to avoid going out with you and he says he needs more time with his friends, you have reasons to believe that you were replaced. So, it is time for a serious discussion.


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