Psychology of humanity

The traits of people
What is the nature of citizenry?    

Mainstream American culture is optimistic to that degree as it is taken for granted that any accomplishment is executable if worked for, and that mankind is at last perfectible - as the millions of self-help books and videos commercialized every year attest (Schein, 1981).

Still this theory of potentiality does not necessitate that the American is as hopeful about his/her diametric prospects in day-after-day connections.

The realism that the negotiating group regularly includes legal body implies dread that the opposite party will reverse on an understanding if given ambiguity.

Many Europeans assume a more disheartened approach towards human nature. They demonstrate a greater incertitude of experts, and take for granted that human motives are more convoluted than do Americans. This is demonstrated in a preference for more interwoven cognitive models of activity and therefore more intricate construction than are found in American social groups (Cooper and Cox, 1989).

Relationship to nature
What is the individual's relationship to nature?

Up until lately, U.S.A. culture has in general perceived the human as separate from nature, and titled to use it. Such activities as mining, damming rivers for hydro-electric power, analysing and provision to control weather activities, genic engineering, altogether display a need for dominance.

But recently, the populace has become more conscious of needs to uphold the environment, and this is echoic in corporate selling policies and the growth of 'reclaimable' and 'biodegradable' goodss.

More in general, conceptualizations of authority are reflected in a preparedness to handle the psychology of humanity, and human relationships. An exemplar is provided by policy designed to reorient an organizational culture.

In comparison, Arab culture tends to be highly fatalistic towards attempts to change or better the world. Mankind can do little itself to achieve successfulness or avert disaster.

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