Power of Motivation

Every human being is born without any self consciousness. The standards of upbringing and the influence of family, friends and teachers play a

large role in shaping the character of a person. If a child is ridiculed for poor performance often, he/she will tend to become self conscious and develop an inferiority complex. The complex will soon develop in to a fear that will prevent good performance and inhibit the desire to grow beyond the ordinary.

The power of self motivation can overcome hurdles. It is up to a person to overcome the fear of the unknown and step forward bravely.

Performance will increase when fear is conquered. An inferiority complex is usually based on a foundation of prejudices. The treatment meted out earlier will restrict the person from attempting to do a task. The attitude of ‘come what may ‘should be adopted to overcome the inferiority complex. Will power and determination are the tools needed to remove the weeds of inferiority. A person who overcomes it will be able to perform better in life.

Failures are valuable lessons in life. A person who is successful in life will have got that success only after repeated attempts and rejections. No one is alien to failure. The key to success is to imbibe the lessons taught by a failure and improve the attempt. No matter how many times it is swept off, the spider keeps on trying to build cobwebs. Some people become so afraid after a rejection that they stop trying. Success comes with trying. Without trying to make a move, a person cannot proceed further. The largest obstacle in a person’s progress is the mind. Once the fear of falling is overcome, then the black clouds will start disappearing and success will smile.

A person’s ability is often evaluated and compared with that of others. Rivalry is actually a motivating factor which helps to remove the slack attitude. The prospects of gaining over a person with similar abilities or skills help to motivate the self. Improved performance thus results which not only helps the person but also the organization to succeed. Healthy competition should be encouraged in order to advance. The desire to get recognition and score over rivals will ultimately help a person to get better in work.

Pride in one’s abilities and background often makes one forget that others are not less worthy. Pride is necessary to a certain extent to motivate the self but when it crosses the limit, it can display vandalism. The study of the psychology of crowd behavior shows that people adopt policies and attitudes based on the feeling of pride without thinking of the consequences. Self evaluation and right thinking can help overcome negative traits in thought and behavior. Self controlled pride is necessary to make an effort to succeed.

The will to succeed is ultimately the combination of several motivating factors. Success does not come easy. Hard work and self confidence will help a person become successful in life.

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