How to gain from Puberty

... a Survival Guide...

Between the ages of 7 and 14, children undergo a transformation that shakes their whole world as

they make the transition from kids to young adults. This article titled Puberty - a Survival Guide, will give a few tips on how you can navigate this exciting stage in life.

The most prominent changes that adolescents go through at this time are physical. Boys see a sudden change in their body as their chests broaden, their voice deepens, hair starts growing on their chests and their heights increase. Girls will experience a change in figure as their thighs widen, the breasts enlarge and their periods begin. Both sexes will also undergo hormonal changes whose effects include growth of pubic hair and side effects such as acne.

Despite the stress that these changes may cause, you need not worry unless you are experiencing sickness. First, find an understanding adult who will guide you and explain these changes. Secondly, study about them wherever you can - in publications, on good websites and other sources - to know the effect they may have. Lastly, share them with friends and get to know how they are handling their difficulties

Mental and social changes also come about as children gradually realize that they are becoming young adults. They no longer value fun and games as much as before but prefer to spend time with friends and age-mates to gain acceptance. In itself, this is a good development since it indicates maturity. However, it can be dangerous if children join groups that have negative effects on them. The best way to deal with these desires is to find positive groups and activities that help you learn more about yourself, your family and the world. Such groups include the Boy scouts and Girl guides who have a global presence and produce exemplary adults.

In conclusion, puberty is one of the most exciting times in life and if used wisely, it produces very good adults.

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