WOYO - Workout of the New Generation.

WOYO is the modern exercise trend that builds a bridge between yoga and modern physical

exercise. New generation say in a chores, Yoga was yesterday - today is WOYO. The below paragraphs give you knowledge of this new workout trend.

What is WOYO?

WOYO is gentle, effective and easily understandable exercise method that combines Yoga and workouts. In WOYO, traditional yoga and modern workout techniques work in harmony. WOYO forms an active body exercise. WOYO can prove your ultimate guide to complete body fitness.

WOYO's Special Features.

WOYO training follows a systematic process. The strain one feels while doing yogasanas ( Yoga postures) get eliminated to a great extend and one feels at home in a WOYO class. In WOYO emphasis is given to end-postures. WOYO helps building physical and mental strength,  improve flexibility, mobility, helps improve balance and give relaxation to mind and body. This exercise regimen is suitable for any ages.

How WOYO works?

WOYO is mainly influenced by traditional Yoga. WOYO teaches modern physical workout, posture correction, muscle strengthening exercises and relaxation workouts with the help of support materials like foam bricks, sand bags, belts, blocks, mats, balls and straps or sometimes just towels. The usage of these props makes the stretches easier and comfortable. The joints are not overloaded and the body gets mobilized. The props help you stay in the posture properly.

You can practice WOYO even if you do not have any idea about yogasanas. There is a special WOYO program for children.

How do you benefit form practicing WOYO regularly?

WOYO is very motivating and fills you with lot of energy throughout the day. It tones your body and make it look beautiful, strong and healthy. WOYO is a safe workout method. WOYO is an effective workout during pregnancy. WOYO is ideal for relief from acute neck and back pain. This also work well for shoulder pain.

Try this new generation exercise method and enjoy its benefits.

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