Vacation - Make-up or Break-up?

A vacation can make up or break up your relationship.If being in a relationship you spend a few nights together a week and have been dating

on a casual basis for several months,i would  bet that  there is more to your partner than you think.

The one thing you need to get to know a person is time,and vacations provides you with plenty of time.The deciding factor in relationship success is how you survive the mundane and stress together.

Vacation could either add  another  great memory in your life or it could prove to be disastrous.Travel is a stressful endeavor,regardless of the purpose of the journey.The basic nature of two people could never be  the same,so some differences will obviously come to the surface with time.You could  deal with these differences with either understanding the opposite sex or by blaming your partner,which could lead to some conflicts.

Always try not to dominate while on a vacation because everyone goes for a vacation to enjoy and not to listen or to follow someone. The first thing we should do before going on a vacation is to plan that vacation keeping in mind that the  time would be spent in such a manner that both of them will be able to indulge into  activities of their interest and could indulge in their's partner activity as well. It could be a pep if partners are ready to understand that the other person sometimes might not be in the same mood as their's,so first thing you should do is to stop expecting a lot from your partner.

Give your partner sufficient space,every person has the right to be alone,so if your partner asks your for that,respond to it positively rather than making it an issue and raising another conflict.It will definitely strengthen your relationship.Give your partner as much love as you can,and try to cooperate.Sometimes your partner might not be interested in doing something you love deeply,so what you need to do is sit and talk..Try to do activities which you both love.

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