Tips to Awaken the Erotic Beast In You and Your Partner

Sensuality and eroticism are essential in the of love-making. These two qualities of making love with your partner keeps both of you happy and

satisfied with the relationship that you share with each other. Sometimes, making love may just feel like routine and the magical feeling may be gone. This is true when couples are stressed out and experiencing tension.

The act of making love is similar to the art of sex wherein both individuals involved are intricately intertwined with each other, stimulating each others pleasure zones. This means that the art of sex involves knowing which areas of touch and what maneuvers to apply to be able to please yourself and your partner both physically and emotionally.

Knowing what areas of the body produce sexual stimulation will help you stir the sexual libido of your partner. Exploring and gently stimulating erogenous zones will lead both of you towards a heightened sexual experience that will be very nurturing to the relationship you  have.

Most of our erogenous zones are scattered all over the body but the primary ones are the female and male external genitalia ( the penis and vagina, respectively). Stimulation of the secondary erogenous zones are very important when having sex because this will make the prelude stage as better as the climax stage. Playfully caressing the secondary erogenous zones is a very pleasant experience for both you and your partner.

Secondary pleasure zones include the earlobes, nape of the neck, buttocks, inner thigh, and hollow of the knee. You can stimulate and excite your partner by gently caressing or licking any of the areas mentioned above. The nipples are also highly sensitive areas that demands equal attention on both sides. Stimulating the belly button will also send ripples of delicious electricity towards the erotic center of your partner's brain.

Knowing how to please your partner excellently will leave him/her begging for more.


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