Are You Ready For A Long Distance Relationship?

People are often wondering whether or not they have what it takes to meet challenges of entering into a relationship that is best described as long-distance. Now long-distance relationships can be forced on you or it is something that both of you willingly enter into.

Either way they are difficult and a lot of work needs to be put into maintaining and keeping them strong even though you both are not physically together.

So the question still remains; "Do long distance relationships stand a chance?"

The short answer is of course they do. The strength and health of a relationship, one could argue, is not affected by the vast distance apart from each other. Some would even argue that a great distance apart would actually make the love for one another even stronger. We have all heard the expression, 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'.  To a certain extent this is true. It is true in the short-term. When two people are separated from each other for short period of time, anticipation and expectation of seeing each other again can make a person cherish the other more. Possibly one would feel that love has grown and has even gotten stronger in that short period of time away from each other.

More than likely though being separated for a lengthy time is simply not healthy for a relationship. A healthy relationship includes the whole  of the person and that means being physical and intimate with each other. You cannot do this via Skype or your iPhone. Also just knowing that your partner is with you can be at times all that you need. And if they are far away in a different country or in a different part of the country, then you are missing out.

Any relationship takes effort and sacrifice. A long-distance relationship multiplies that  10 times. For most this is just too much to handle.

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