First Date Looks

Dating is always an exciting event in a person's life because it allows men and women to get the chance to meet other people who have the potential to be their life partners. 

It is an event in people's lives where they really get excited because we all want someone who we can share our lives with and find that great person whom we adore and try to make them feel the same way for us too.

Showing face is an important part of the first date because you have to make sure that you can at least look good enough to make a good first impression to your date.  By this, I mean that you will have to prepare yourself to look good and enhance your looks to bring out the best in you.  Here are a few things that you must check on to make sure you are ready:

Hair -  You will have to make sure that your hair looks neat and well-trimmed.  You do not want to go to a date with long, messy hair looking like a high-school frat boy.  You want to make sure you look presentable.  Facial hair should also be trimmed so that you can pull off your clean look without a hitch.

Clothing - Make sure you are dressed properly for a date.  Depending on what your date is going to be, there are appropriate clothing items like button-down shirts and a suit for dinner dates, a polo shirt for a casual lunch or an ordinary tee for sports games.  Make sure you dress smartly for the venue of your date to look better.

Footwear - Absolutely no slippers on first dates.  Shoes are a must  but it does not have to be leather.  Make sure your shoes are fit for what event you are going to and make sure that it matches your entire outfit too.

Hopefully these tips will help make you look presentable on your next date to help you get a second date and maybe even a lifetime partner.


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