Basic Dispositions in Transaction Analysis I

The concept of Transactional Analysis as propounded by Eric Berne contains three ego states - the Parent, the Adult, the Child ego states.

They are depicted in three circles and state through these circles how we are made up and how we relate ourselves to others. These ego states classify the ways we think, feel and behave in each of the states.

Berne states that all human transactions and exchanges take place through these ego states. Transactions are effectively flow of communication from one person to the other through each of these different ego states.

It is in this context that Berne has explained the concept of the various Life positions that people take in everyday affairs. Life positions are basic beliefs about one's self and about others, which are used to justify decisions and behavior in everyday transactions.

Eric Berne states that there are four Life Positions:

1. I am not OK, You are OK
2. I am not OK, You are not OK
3. I am OK, You are not OK
4. I am OK, You are OK

The origin of life position starts at the stage of conception of a human being, a stage preceding physical birth in to the real world. When one is conceived in the mother's womb he is at peace, waiting to emerge in to the outside world. Once the required growth of the fetus is achieved, he emerges from the womb and delivered in to the real world. If nothing untoward happens at this stage, he will come out contented and relaxed. In this situation, the world is perceived from the perspective of 'I am OK and you are OK'.

If, for instance, the mother had some troublesome experience at the time of delivery or if the birth for the child himself was difficult, then this experience would put the child, even at the just-born stage, in a position from  he would perceived that 'I am not OK and you are not OK'.

While growing as a baby in to a child, and then in to an adult, one experiences insulting or punitive experiences, then he may go in to the position from where he would consider 'I am not OK and you are OK'.

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