Broadcastings commercialized and the trait of mankind

The trait of mankind
What is the trait of mankind?
Mainstream USA culture is affirmative to that extent

as it is arrogated that whatever achievement is attainable if worked for, and that manhood is in the end perfectible - as the large indefinite amount of assistance books and broadcastings commercialized every year attest.

However this premise of perfectibility does not specify that the American is as optimistic about his/her opposite numbers in day-to-day meetings. The realism that the negotiating team regularly includes legal bodies implies fearfulness that the opposite party will renege on an understanding if given a loophole.

More Europeans assume a more pessimistic conceptualization towards human quality. They demonstrate a greater suspicion of experts, and take for granted that human conditions are more complex than do Americans. This is echolike in a preference for more complicated cognitive patterns of behavior and hence more complicated structures than are based in North American systems.

Relation to trait
What is the individual's relationship to trait?

Up until recently, US culture has broadly realized the human as apart from nature, and eligible to exploit it. Such activities as mining, diking watercourses for hydro-electric power, analysing and planning to control weather patterns, genetical engineering, all exhibit a need for authority.

But newly, the public has turned more cognizant of necessities to preserve the environs, and this is echoic in corporate marketing plans of action and the growth of "recyclable" and "biodegradable" products.

Generally, representations of control are mirrored in a willingness to oversee human psychology, and human relationships. An exemplar is supplied by policy configured to adjust an organizational culture.

In similitude, Arab culture tends to be extremely fatalistic towards attempts to change or improve the world. Humanity can do little on its own to achieve success or deflect misfortune.

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