Anti-Aging Medication

Anti-aging medicine refers to preventive medication aimed at slowing down the aging processes in order to extend the average lifespan

of human beings. Research studies about anti-aging have pointed to the fact that future medical discoveries in relation to tissue rejuvenation in terms of molecular repair, replacement of organs and stem cells will fundamentally enable humans to enjoy indefinite lifespan through rejuvenation of body tissues to achieve a more youthful and healthy condition.

The aging process involves damage to an organism’s cells, macromolecules, tissues as well as organs. The damage that accumulates in the body is due to the contents of the cell brought about by the formation of free radicals.

Current medication strategies of anti-aging focus on nutrition; diets and supplements and hormone treatment. For the former, although very few of the diets or supplements have been significantly tested for effects of prolonging life, there are quite a number of them promoted and supported by empirical research search as Caloric restriction and Paleolithic diet.

It is suggested by the theory of free-radical of aging that supplements reach in antioxidant such as lipoic acid, vitamins C and E can extend the average life of human beings.

There are numerous hormonal therapies for anti-aging on offer. Clinical studies carried in the recent past have demonstrated that low-dose administration of growth hormone (GH) on adults with deficiency of GH remarkably changes the general composition of the body by decreasing fat mass, increasing muscle mass, lowering fat mass, increasing muscle strength and  bone density as well improving cardiovascular functions without major side effects.

However, hormonal therapy has been criticized for potential dangers to human beings as most of the drug formulations are based on the studies performed on animals. Due to that outstanding medical bodies such as the American Medical Association (AMA) have not fully endorsed some of the hormonal medications for anti-aging.

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