How Nicknames make Love sweeter

Love is one of the most powerful drivers of creativity known to man. The love poems of Shakespeare are just one great example of how

men and women express their mutual delight in each other. Another simpler and more common example is nicknames. Sweetie, darling, honey, baby, daddy, angel, goddess, sunshine, etc have become some of the favorite nicknames that people across the whole world use to refer to their partners.

Throughout history and across cultures, many different people have used nicknames in both positive and negative ways to refer to others familiar to them.  Affectionate nicknames usually express the emotion that a lover evokes in their partner. They have the aim of increasing a partner’s self-esteem and lifting their mood. Many men know that one of the fastest ways of making their woman feel better is by calling them by an affectionate name that melts their heart.

Coming up with nicknames is a very spontaneous and natural process that should be loaded with positive sentiments. For example, if your partner is always upbeat and optimistic, you can start calling them sunshine. If they are always making an effort to bring tranquility around the home, you can call them sweetie or honey. The whole idea is to pick something positive about your partner and create a nice name out of it. Their personality is often a source of pointers to an appropriate nickname.

At the same time, you can also suggest certain nicknames to your partner that they can use with you. For example, in a Valentine card you can address them as Dear Sunshine and sign off as Your beloved Moonlight. This not only makes them happy with the compliments, it also gives them a channel that they can use to reciprocate
In essence, nicknames are a beautiful way that a couple can use to play simple love games even when they are not in intimate settings

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