Vitamin A is the Best Vitamin for Eyes and Skin

Vitamin A- a fat soluble vitamin should be taken in accordance with the prescribed dosages. Vitamin A is superb for eyes and skin and is found to be in

various natural foods.

Vitamin A is popular for its positive effects on allowing your eyes to adjust smoothly to the changes in the light and helps keeping eyes healthy. The excellent antioxidant property of vitamin A neutralizes the free substances in your body which can cause damage to tissues and cells.

Few important points to remember are;
•    Vitamin A deficiency – may lead to night blindness, irritation and swelling of eyes, diarrhea, genetic skin problems and other issues related to skin
•    Overdose of Vitamin A- can cause sickness, skin irritability, hazy vision, hair loss, yellowness in your eyes and skin, swelling of lips and tongue, enlargement of liver, skin rash and dark urine. Too much of this vitamin is not safe and you must consult your doctor for the optimum level of dosage for you. Inform your doctor incase you have anything of these : alcoholism, infants, breast feeding, pregnancy, hepatic disease, rental disease etc.

In order to get most of Vitamin A out of food, you should make an habit of refrigerating your food products and keep milk and grain items away from strong light. A good care is to be taken while preparing and storing food as vitamin A has tendency to get washed out. Vitamin A in the form of supplement must be stored in a cool and dry place.

You should follow a balanced diet as administering vitamin a supplement does not substitute the need of good diet plan. Some foods that provide natural vitamin A are green vegetables and yellow fruits, eggs and milk, meat and oily fish.

In short, vitamin A improves body immunity against infections, keeps eyes healthy and moist, ensures soft and flexible skin free from radicals and toxins, prevents occurring of kidney stones and also helps to prevent certain cancers due to its powerful antioxidants properties.


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