How to overcome Lovesickness

Most of us have at some point in life, fallen in love. Falling in love is a wonderful feeling. Some lucky people continue to be in love throughout their lives.

But for many, a relationship turns into one filled with insecurity. They become lovesick. Lovesickness happens when we are overly dependent on our partner.

Though life goes on as usual, somewhere at the back of our mind is the thought that ,we may lose what we have .We start to suddenly worry about the future and what it holds for us ,if the relationship were to end. How does one overcome lovesickness?

The answer lies within you. The power to either succumb to the situation or overcome it depends on you. You have to realize that, nothing last forever. You have to rid yourself of the fear that without your partner, your world has ended. You should be able to differentiate between happiness and your loved one. If you can do that, then it is probable that you will be able to minimise you lovesickness or even overcome it.You alone hold the key.

Life does not end with the failure of one relationship. It is important to realize that life goes on whatever happens. There may or not may not be someone else for you in the immediate future. But that should not stop you from being happy.

Do things that make you happy. Take stock of your life and find out the things you would like to do. It could be something like getting that degree that you had always wanted or joining a group to help other people. Look outside yourself .It is a wide world out there and you have so many opportunities and choices to make to fulfil your life. You have to shift your attention from the present situation to one where there are endless possibilities.

Always remember this “a hero lies in you”.

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