Benefits and Dangers in Dating online

Benefits of online dating

1) It's a great alternative for those who find themselves a bit uncomfortable while meeting

new people at public areas, or people who are new to that area.

2) Your area of search for your partners is not confined to the area you live. You can practically search the world using your internet
3) You can possibly know somebody before even exchanging your numbers or photographs. It simply eliminates the fear of early commitment.
4) if you add audio ability to your computer, you can even listen to your potential soul mate and talk before you do further. This can weed out players who are just doing time pass there.
5) Allows you to do your homework before meeting someone so that it becomes easier for you to choose the one suited for your emotional and social needs. It helps you develop your lifestyle and personality.

Dangers of online dating

Before even meeting some one online and making them part of your online life, we need to be ready on how to handle a cyber relationship
1) Email and chatting allows you to become casual too fast. Showing some intense feelings early in a relationship can scare people away from you.
2) We need to understand that sometimes 'fantasy' relationships do not materializes. People may show you mountains of dreams but will shy away at the hint of first proposal.
3) It's very difficult to believe what you read on internet. It is observed that women put a lot of effort in understanding and filtering, but men usually don't. So, a man may say something but he is most likely to mean something else.
4) Sometimes you may not be able to find someone suitable for yourself, wasting all the money you have deposited to that online dating website.
5) It is said and observed that skill isn't universal, but the effort is real. If you are not matured enough then you can make a mistake in understanding the feelings of those who are not great writers themselves.
6) You always need to do some verification for your own safety, both psychologically and physically. Otherwise, you may end up in doing irreversible damage to yourself

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