Losers are individuals that have failed to achieve certain goals that they had set at an early period in time. This can be attributed to ineffectively setting

their priorities and failing to adopt strategic ways to achieve the targets and therefore they end up going off track as far as certain objectives are concerned.

Losers can also be linked to giving up and having an inferior mentality that curbs their capability to get particular results.

Non-authentic individuals are persons that are not original in the way the conduct their tasks and operations. The actions lack genuineness and take an aspect of invalidity. Authenticity requires creativity and novelty as far as attainment of goals is concerned as it eliminates the possibility of handling tasks and operations in a copied and fake kind of way.

Individuals are said to be dependent when they heavily relay on other people to handle their matters instead of making it their own concern. These people are psychologically needy and are particularly reliant on other people’s intellectual and physical capabilities to achieve their own targets. Excess dependability on others is not good as this will inhibit individual realization of potential and at the same time, exhaust others either physically or psychologically.

Tasks or people are said to rigid when they are complex and involve inflexibility in the way one handles them. Rigidity is witnessed when there is less will to adjust to change and conform to new ways of doing things. This is partially attributed to fear or uncertainty of the future and also when one feels the new order will not address their needs. Rigid individuals are not open-minded and prefer to stick to their opinions.

A person that uses facades is one that has deceptive ways of doing things and covers them from being found out. Individuals that use facades view tasks from the periphery and solve problems superficially so as the hide the actual motives of carrying out activities.