Make-up for your Legs – Tights the perfect cold season fashion choice

In the fall and winter, we are forced to moderate our clothing choices in favor of staying warm.

Fortunately, this also gives us the opportunity to add color and fashion with the make-up for your legs – tights. What are the advantages of wearing tights?


•    Tights help keep your legs warm, allowing you want to wear school shorts or short skirts into the fall.

•    Tights let you show off trim legs without worrying about shaving. When winter blues bring you down, throw on tights with your long skirt or dress and don’t worry about shaving, waxing, tweezing or any other maintenance.

•    Wear tights under light weight slacks to wear them longer into the fall season.  The ability to wear different colored or patterned tights under long pants adds a new dimension to your autumn wear even if you wear the same neutral colors. Tights also have the additional benefit of looking like socks without ever falling down or wrinkling.

•    Wearing tights is also a way to eliminate panty lines in any clothing you have. This is true for slacks and dresses.

•    Keep a pair of tights in your purse or desk. If your panty hose develops a run, switch to white or black tights instead. Then your change appears to be a fashion changeover at work while you cover up your legs.

•    One of the headaches of wearing uniforms is the limits upon accessories. Wear white patterned tights instead of the standard issue white socks. Or if you must wear the socks, wear the tights under them. You can buy tights with lacey, floral and even butterfly patterns. As you walk, the pattern will be visible between your pants leg and your shoes.

•    Do you like the feel of pajama-jeans but don’t like the look? Wear warm wool tights under your jeans to get the same warmth and cuddle without the cost. And if you don’t like the feel, you can still wear the warm wool tights under pajamas at home or around the house to keep warm.