Bikini figure, here I come!

Best tips to follow to get the bikini figure you never thought you can get! Trust me, I have done this and it really works. I lost 1 kgs in one week by following this tricks. Another kilo, the following week and counting.

1. Reduce or zero out your carbohydrates intake. For breakfast, you can eat fruits such as apple, banana or pears or any fruit available in your kitchen table. Pair it up with just crackers and water. During lunchtime, just eat protein-rich food, like eggs, 1/4 cup nuts, fish or meat. Do the same for dinner. To make sure that you don't get hungry, eat little portions of food in between meals. It can be, carrots, grapes or crackers so you don't get hungry. All in all, it simply means, be on a fruit and vegetable diet. Protein is very important, don't forget to consume some in every meal. The trick is to eat less carbohydrates or less fats in your body.

2. A little trick I am sure you and I already know is to drink water before eating. It makes us eat less. Start  your day with 1 glass of water before anything else, and end it with 1 glass of water at night few hours before you sleep. Of course, make sure you take at least 8 glasses of water everyday.

3. Exercise. Although this is a universal recommendation to everybody who wants to shed some pounds and say, bikini figure, here I come! It is also the most impossible to do for some. We tend to get lazy. I jog at the park 15-30 minutes a day. Now, you don't need to do it daily. Three times a week is all good too.

4. Discipline. This is probably the most difficult advice to follow. When we are used to eating any food that we crave, saying No to our minds is impossible, however, just do this one last tip and you will be just inches away from your goal!