How men and women lie to each other

Men and women have been lying to each other since the beginning of time.  Unfortunately, this state of affairs is true since each sex has a

different set of needs.  Men being the more aggressive and dominant of the species tend to lie in order to impress the opposite sex.

Much like the males in the animal kingdom that use colorful displays or impressive bouts of strength, today's man tries to impress the ladies with both his physical traits and his bragging abilities.

Most of this bragging tends to be filled with lies and exaggerations whose ultimate goal is the get the women in bed.  Men play up the bad boy image or lie about such things as their job and what they do, how much they make, what they drive and how much of a ladies man they are.  Luckily, most woman can easily see through this deception although not all of them want to.

Which brings me to the lies women tend to tell men.  As mentioned earlier some women although they know the guy is lying, they lie themselves to go along with the charade.  Sometimes it's to be with the guy and sometimes it's just to have a little fun.

Women tend to lie about their feelings more than anything else.  They are more in tune with and concerned about how other people feel and because of this they will consider telling a little white lie so as not to hurt the other person's feelings.  This means they would much rather lie about going out with someone or someplace and not tell their man rather than risking the truth since it would potentially cause their man hurt feelings.  They might also lie to a guy about how he was in bed rather then tell the truth since it would certainly hurt any guys feelings to hear that.