Top 5 Do's and Don'ts on Your First Date

First dates can be quite unnerving and perhaps even downright terrifying because of the pressure to impress your date.  However, there are

a number of ways to ensure that you enjoy the date and make a memorable impression on you lady/man friend.  Here are a few do's and don'ts on your first date that can help ease the pressure.


Dress for the occasion

While looks is not everything, it is important that you look very presentable.  As much as possible, wear something that highlights your most impressive physical attributes as long as it is comfortable. It never hurts to look dashing or pretty on your first date.

Act Confident

There is nothing to be gained by being nervous and showing obvious signs of it.  Not only will you trip all over yourself but you might also cause your date to feel uneasy.  Try to take a deep breath before walking out the door so your nerves calm down a bit.

Be a Good Conversationalist

You might look exceptionally attractive but this would not help you if you are a bore.  Being a good conversationalist would allow your date to know more about you, which is really the point of the first date.


Not Reaching for the Check

This applies for both men as well as women.  These days, it is just bad behavior to not offer to pay for half of the check.  Men may assume that they will pay for the entire meal/bill but they should allow women to pay for half of it if they want to do so.  Going dutch on a first date is always acceptable. 

Constantly Interrupting Your Date or Monopolizing the Conversation

While it is great to be able to carry on a decent conversation, it is not good to interrupt your date when it is his/her turn to speak.  It is also impolite to monopolize the conversation to a point that the other person cannot get any word in at all.  Let your date speak and wait for your turn.

First dates can make or break a potential relationship so it is important to make a great impression.